The Moro Reflex: An Interactive Guide
Integrating Primitive Reflexes Through Play and Exercise
Course Companion

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Want more from your therapy sessions with clients or your own children?

Need guidance on assessing retained reflexes and building treatment plans to integrate primitive reflexes?

Get the Moro Reflex Companion Class to guide you!

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This Course Will...

Following the Integrating Primitive Reflexes Through Play and Exercise: Moro Reflex book from best-selling author Kokeb McDonald, OTR/L, this companion course contains...
  • ​Detailed walkthrough of the book's content
  • ​22 video demonstrations and walkthroughs, for every exercise in the book
  • ​Sensory regulation and the Moro Reflex
  • ​How to choose suitable activity to calm sensory overload
  • ​Problem-solving challenging situations with children clients
  • ​Managing transitioning skills and rigidity
  • ​Strategies for optimal learning
  • ​And more!

What are Primitive Reflexes?

Reflexes are normal, involuntary movement patterns that promote motor learning and sensory integration. Most reflexes become integrated into a pattern of movement after infancy. However, sometimes, reflexes do not become easily integrated and interfere with a 'child's ability to develop an appropriate foundation for stability and mobility. A child may learn faulty and adaptive movement patterns that interfere with foundations to be successful.

Retained reflexes contribute to motor delays, sensory processing issues, behavioral problems, poor visual processing skills, poor auditory processing skills, hyperactivity, poor attention, health issues, or learning difficulties.

Why Start with the Moro Reflex?

Moro is the only primitive reflex connected to all other senses, and it is considered a building block to all the other reflexes and overall development. Because the Moro triggers the sympathetic nervous system, it affects the adrenal glands and the production of stress hormones, changing the emotional and physical state of the child.

When retained past the necessary time, the Moro puts the body in a constant fight or flight state and causes many adverse symptoms in the body.

How Do I Integrate Retained Reflexes?

To integrate the Moro reflex, take a child through the foundational movements their brain needs to integrate their retained reflexes, resulting in healthy, well-adapted movement patterns.

This course will teach you to implement practical exercises to improve a child's development in as little as 5-10 minutes a day.

The course contains step-by-step guides to 22 exercises you can put into practice today!

Get the support you need to fill developmental gaps in your child/client

Get the course now and get started today!


Meet Kokeb McDonald

I'm a pediatric occupational therapist, author, and coach with a strong passion for helping people develop into their healthiest selves.

As a mother of two wonderful children, I bring genuine care and compassion to my mission to transform occupational therapy. As the creator of the Reflex Integration Through Play method and book series, I created these resources not only because they offer fellow professionals a tool to expand their clinical reach, but also because they are empowering and reassuring tools for frustrated parents.

Join me in learning to better serve the children around us.
This is not a substitute for any treatment program, but rather a supplemental training and coaching support. Please consult a physician or trained therapist before making changes to an exercise or therapy routine.
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