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Kokeb McDonald

I'm a pediatric occupational therapist, author, and coach with a strong passion for helping people develop into their healthiest selves.

As a mother of two wonderful children, I bring genuine care and compassion to my mission to transform occupational therapy. As the creator of the Reflex Integration Through Play method and book series, I created these resources not only because they offer fellow professionals a tool to expand their clinical reach, but also because they are empowering and reassuring tools for frustrated parents.

Join me in learning to better serve the children around us.

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What Everyone Ought to Know About Primitive Reflexes!
Why Reflex Integration?
Primitive reflexes are foundational, yet involuntary movement patterns that are present at birth and become integrated or "dormant" before a child reaches 12 months of age. Most reflexes become integrated into a pattern of movement after infancy, so more mature and voluntary movements can emerge. 

When reflexes do not become integrated, they interfere with a child's ability to develop an appropriate foundation for stability and mobility. A child without integrated primitive reflexes learns faulty and maladaptive movement patterns. 

You must address retained reflexes in your client to make a lasting change and bridge the gap in their development. You, the trained therapists can observe these faulty responses by how a child reacts, behaves, and moves and address this interference in reflex integration to help the child recreate activities a typically developing child would have performed to integrate reflexes. 
B O O K  S E R I E S
Integrating Primitive Reflexes Through Play
Dive into this one-of-a-kind, hands-on instructional resource that will provide clear explanations of the critical role the reflexed behaviors play in childhood development and learning skills.

Step-by step instructions on dozens of exercises per book serve as an invaluable tool that will help you navigate the child's natural environment and compassionately understand the developmental challenges related to it.
  • Play-based primitive reflex integration exercises you can implement at school, home and in-clinic settings
  • ​Accommodating alternatives for children of all levels
  • ​Fun but precise illustrations to help you and your child understand the movements
  • ​Moro Reflex
  • ​​Asymmetrical Tonic Neck Reflex (ATNR)
  • ​Symmetrical Tonic Neck Reflex (STNR)
  • ​​Tonic Labyrinthine Reflex (TLR)
  • ​More to come...
C H E C K  O U T  O U R
Featured Online Courses

The Moro Reflex: An Interactive Guide

This online course companion to my first book is filled with instruction and exercise videos you can use with your client, in your home, or in schools.

How to Support Your Child's Development at Home

Learn to implement practical exercises to improve your child's development in as little as 5-10 minutes a day.

Handwriting Support For School-Aged Children

You will learn strategies to improve your child's fine motor and handwriting skills, which includes fine motor warm up activities, reflex integration exercises, proper letter formation and more!
R E A D Y  F O R  M O R E ?
Reflex Integration Through Play Coaching Program
Easy, for any Skill Level
RITP provides a step-by-step, proven process for you to follow so that you can screen and treat your clients, and build your business ... no matter where you are in your therapy skills.
3 Months
In Depth Program
We cover our treatment approach in a straightforward, play-based, and step-by-step approach PLUS provide consultation and access for mentorship for three months!!!
Coaching Calls
Direct Access to Kokeb
Each week, we have high-level consultation calls where we discuss strategy, answer questions, and not only collaborate on your client's progress but also work to improve therapists' mindset.
All Access Pass
Complete Resource Library
We have templates you'll need, including printable templates, recorded video course access, behavioral and symptoms checklist, exercise tracking sheet, and much more!
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Hear from Our Clients

Reviews from Reflex Integration Through Play Coaching Participants

"Why I decided to join Kokeb’s RITP Mentoring program : 1) My clinic was growing rapidly and I needed another highly experienced OT to help train my staff and 2) We wanted help addressing reflexes through play."
Mary Kostka 
Ohana OT
"Participating in group mentorship allowed us to collaborate and work together to provide the highest quality of care related to reflex integration for our clients. Our therapists are now empowered and have an expert behind them. I’ve seen a great return on investment even in a short time. Clients who had plateaued in services are making progress again!"
Jennifer Davis
Joy and Laughter Developmental Therapy

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